At our playcentre in Abingdon we care about our carbon footprint and have been taking action to improve our sustainability

How we are making a difference

  • Bring your own re-usable cup and you can get a 25p discount on any hot drink
  • We have a recycling bin for all cardboard waste
  • Our coffee and Pepsi cups are collected by Simply Waste for specialist recycling
  • We sell Pokito cups and Snakes and Ladders plastic water bottles to promote re-use
  • We recycle our cooking oil
  • We have replaced our bulbs with LED lights
  • We have replaced all our plastic straws with paper straws
  • Our bins are labelled to encourage customers to recycle.
  • We ensure our serving lights are switched off during quiet periods to reduce electricity
  • We have sourced eco-friendly cutlery options
  • We support and utilise our local suppliers
  • We ensure our party room theme lights are switched off when not in use to save electricity

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Did you know?

  • Plastic can take 100 of years to fully decompose
  • The average person living in the UK uses around 200kg of paper every year
  • For every tonne of recycled newspaper, 17 trees are saved
  • Each UK household produces over 1 tonne of waste per year. This is the weight of a small car
  • In less than 2 hours the UK produces enough waste to fill the Albert Hall

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