Why Soft Play is a Great Indoor Activity for Rainy Days

Keeping children occupied and encouraging them to be active can be difficult, especially when the temptation of passive screen time is never far away. This becomes even more apparent on days when the weather is bad and the ability to play outdoors is limited. Rather than surrender to the world of television and console games, soft play centres offer plenty of indoor activities to keep children occupied even on the dreariest of days.

1. Develops Physical Skills

One of the biggest advantages offered by soft play centres is that they help develop a range of physical skills in children. Soft play centres come equipped with an excellent array of playground equipment including slides, climbing frames, and other structures. When children play on these apparatus, they improve their motor skills as well as balance, strength, and coordination. Best of all, soft play activities are not limited by the weather, so children can develop these abilities at any time of the year.

2. Inspires Creativity and Imagination

Another major benefit of using soft play centres is how they help to stimulate a child’s sense of imagination. Soft play centres are designed specifically to engage with a child’s mind and help foster their creative spirit. Through soft play, children can create their own imaginative scenarios, act out their favourite stories, and create their own games. What’s more, children can find inspiration for their creative talents without the need to go outside.


3. Increases Social Interaction

The ability of children to interact safely with their peers is one of the most important factors in the early development of social skills. Soft play centres allow children to make friends and interact with each other in a safe and supervised environment. Through social interaction, children learn how to form friendships as well as important concepts such as sharing and taking turns. As such, soft play activities are a great way to help children develop the skills they need to function in society.

4. Stimulates the Senses

Sensory stimulation is often beneficial to a child’s sensory processing and cognitive development. Fortunately, this is an area where soft play centres can offer a variety of options when it comes to stimulating the senses. Soft play areas are often designed using a variety of textures, colours and shapes, plus items that make certain sounds when touched or interacted with. This helps build a child’s cognitive skills, boosts concentration and focus, and improves visual and auditory awareness.

5. Provides Convenience

Best of all, being indoors means that soft play centres can operate even when the weather is at its worst. For children, there are plenty of indoor activities available that will keep them active and occupied without the need for going outdoors. In addition, parents can make use of the café facilities, and enjoy a coffee and a bite to eat while their children have fun in a safe and stimulating environment.


Soft play offers the perfect solution for keeping children occupied and active even on rainy days. Children can build their physical skills such as strength, balance and motor skills on the available soft play equipment while also developing their creativity and imagination with games and make-believe. It helps improve a child’s social skills through increased interaction and group play while also helping improve cognitive abilities by stimulating the senses. Finally, it offers a place for both children and parents to enjoy their time in a comfortable setting when the weather turns bad.



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