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On the 20th November our cafe will be closed from 4pm for scheduled maintenance and will remain shut on the 21st November. We will re-open the cafe on the 22nd November at 2pm. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

A visit to Snakes and Ladders Syon Park is not just about children. Our centre has free WiFi so grown-ups can relax with a tasty treat, warming coffee or refreshing cold drink while the kids play.

We serve a delicious selection of hot and cold snacks, meals and drinks including children’s meals.

Those looking for sweet treats won’t be disappointed, but this is balanced with a wide choice of healthy options. We hope there is something for everyone at Snakes and Ladders.


Brown or white bloomer bread:
Chicken mayonnaise £3.95
Tuna mayonnaise with sweetcorn £3.95
Honey roast ham with simple cheese £3.95
Simple cheese and tomato or pickle £3.95
Served with salad garnish, tortilla chips and spicy tomato relish on Brown or White Bloomer

American Hot Dog

The Classic American Hot Dog in a roll £4.50
Served with salad garnish, tortilla chips and spicy tomato relish

Side Dishes

Freshly Cooked Fries £2.70
Fries with Cheese Melt £3.10
Halloumi Sticks £3.50
Nachos with Cheese Melt and Tomato Relish £3.10
Deep Fried Onion Rings £2.95
Sweet Potato Chips £2.95
Serving of Sweetcorn £1.60
Side Salad Bowl £1.60

Chicken Caesar Salad

Strips of lean breast meat served with fresh salad, tomato, croutons and our Classic Caesar dressing £6.50

Chicken Burger

Battered chicken steak in a soft floury roll, with crisp lettuce, tomato and served with fries. £6.95

Classic Cheese Burger

6oz flame grilled  100% British beef burger in a soft floury roll with crisp lettuce, tomato, topped with cheddar cheese and served with fries. £6.95

Veggie Burger

Gently seasoned vegetable grill in a soft floury roll, with crisp lettuce and tomato and served with fries. £6.95

Fish Fingers and Chips

100% cod breaded fish fingers with fresh salad garnish and served with peas and fries. £6.95

Chicken Nuggets

100% chicken breast pieces, served in batter with crisp lettuce and tomato and served with fries. £6.95

Veggie Nuggets

Vegetable filled pieces, served in batter with crisp lettuce, tomato and served with fries. £6.95

Jacket Potatoes

Fluffy jacket potato served with butter and a fresh salad garnish. £4.25
Cheese £1.50
Baked Beans £1.50
Tuna mayonnaise with sweetcorn £2.00
Chicken Mayonnaise £1.75

Kid’s Options

Spaghetti Bolognese £4.95
3 Cheese, Tomato & Broccoli Pasta Bake £4.95

Kid’s Classics – for smaller appetites

Chicken nuggets (100% breast) £4.75
Fish fingers (100% cod) £4.75
Veggie Nuggets £4.75
Served with your choice of fries or half a jacket potato, with baked beans or sweetcorn
Baked Beans on Toast £2.75
On white or brown bread

Kids Puzzle Lunch Bag

Half round of ham or cheese spread sandwich, packet of Quavers, box of raisins, yoghurt and bottled water or juice carton £4.75


Tea £1.75
Herbal Tea £1.75
Tchibo Premium Coffee £2.75
Espresso £2.75
Double Espresso £3.75
Decaffeinated Coffee £2.75
Mocha £2.75
Hot Chocolate £2.75
Shot of syrup £0.50

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