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A visit to Snakes and Ladders Syon Park is not just about children. Our centre has free WiFi so grown-ups can relax with a tasty treat, warming coffee or refreshing cold drink while the kids play.

We serve a delicious selection of hot and cold snacks, meals and drinks including children’s meals.

Those looking for sweet treats won’t be disappointed, but this is balanced with a wide choice of healthy options. We hope there is something for everyone at Snakes and Ladders.


Brown or white bloomer bread:
Chicken mayonnaise £3.95
Tuna mayonnaise with sweetcorn £3.95
Honey roast ham with simple cheese £3.95
Simple cheese and tomato or pickle £3.95
Served with salad garnish, tortilla chips and spicy tomato relish on Brown or White Bloomer

American Hot Dog

The Classic American Hot Dog in a roll £4.50
Served with salad garnish, tortilla chips and spicy tomato relish

Side Dishes

Freshly Cooked Fries £2.70
Fries with Cheese Melt £3.10
Halloumi Sticks £3.50
Nachos with Cheese Melt and Tomato Relish £3.10
Deep Fried Onion Rings £2.95
Sweet Potato Chips £2.95
Serving of Sweetcorn £1.60
Side Salad Bowl £1.60

Chicken Caesar Salad

Strips of lean breast meat served with fresh salad, tomato, croutons and our Classic Caesar dressing £6.50

Chicken Burger

Battered chicken steak in a soft floury roll, with crisp lettuce, tomato and served with fries. £6.95

Classic Cheese Burger

6oz flame grilled  100% British beef burger in a soft floury roll with crisp lettuce, tomato, topped with cheddar cheese and served with fries. £6.95

Veggie Burger

Gently seasoned vegetable grill in a soft floury roll, with crisp lettuce and tomato and served with fries. £6.95

Fish Fingers and Chips

100% cod breaded fish fingers with fresh salad garnish and served with peas and fries. £6.95

Chicken Nuggets

100% chicken breast pieces, served in batter with crisp lettuce and tomato and served with fries. £6.95

Veggie Nuggets

Vegetable filled pieces, served in batter with crisp lettuce, tomato and served with fries. £6.95

Jacket Potatoes

Fluffy jacket potato served with butter and a fresh salad garnish. £4.25
Cheese £1.50
Baked Beans £1.50
Tuna mayonnaise with sweetcorn £2.00
Chicken Mayonnaise £1.75

Kid’s Options

Spaghetti Bolognese £4.95

Kid’s Classics – for smaller appetites

Chicken nuggets (100% breast) £4.75
Fish fingers (100% cod) £4.75
Veggie Nuggets £4.75
Served with your choice of fries or half a jacket potato, with baked beans or sweetcorn
Baked Beans on Toast £2.75
On white or brown bread

Kids Puzzle Lunch Bag

Half round of ham or cheese spread sandwich, packet of Quavers, box of raisins, yoghurt and bottled water or juice carton £4.75


Tea £1.75
Herbal Tea £1.75
Tchibo Premium Coffee £2.75
Espresso £2.75
Double Espresso £3.75
Decaffeinated Coffee £2.75
Mocha £2.75
Hot Chocolate £2.75
Shot of syrup £0.50

Allergies, intolerances and ingredients

Despite our best efforts, due to the nature of our kitchen processes, it is impossible to guarantee the separation of allergens or specific ingredients.  Please speak to our staff about the ingredients in our products, when making your order. Please note that fish fingers are fried in the same oil as vegetable products. Some dishes may contain bones.


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