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Do you want to give your kids an unforgettable adventure? Then book them in for a play session today at Snakes and Ladders Dunstable! Snakes and Ladders is the area’s most popular soft play and activity centre. Our facilities cater to children up to 12 years old and offer a wide range of activities that they will be sure to enjoy. In addition to our fantastic children’s soft play facilities, we offer entertaining themed parties for those special occasions. In addition to our soft play in Dunstable, we have two more key locations in Abingdon and Brentford for your convenience.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out what we have in store. You can also schedule your next session with us using our online booking system.

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Our Activities

Snakes and Ladders Dunstable is an excellent location for your children to unwind and have fun. Make sure you relax in our café with some tasty food and drink. The following activities and features are available:

  • A giant, three-tiered play structure featuring slides, tunnels, and rope climbs
  • Large designated soft play area for children under five
  • Home corner and construction zone
  • Relaxing and comfortable café with free WiFi as well as great food and drink selections

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Our Prices

Based on your child’s age, the following are our rates for guests at our soft play Dunstable centre:

  • Under 12 months: Free
  • One year old: £9.75 (peak)/£7.50 (off-peak)
  • Two to four years old: £10.85 (peak)/£8.50 (off-peak)
  • Over five years old: £11.85 (peak)/£9.50 (off-peak)
  • Adults: £4.50 (peak)/£3.50 (off-peak)

Please keep in mind that walk-ins will require an additional £1 per person. We recommend booking online because walk-ins can only be accommodated if space is available.

Please refer to our website for peak and off-peak hours. Weekends, school holidays, bank holidays, inset days, and festivals are all considered peak times.


Our Parties

Want to throw a fabulous kids’ party with minimal effort? Then leave it to our Snakes and Ladders team to make your child’s special day one to remember. A two-hour party at Snakes and Ladders Dunstable includes access to an exciting themed party room.

Choose from a spaceship travelling the stars, a late-night disco, a submarine under the seas, and an action-packed fire station setting. There is also a VIP Disco Party option with extra dancing and music. In addition, each party features delicious hot food, unlimited orange/blackcurrant squash or water, a sweet biscuit treat, and plenty of fun in our Playcentre.

The cost of a two-hour party is £19.50 per person, or £22.50 per person for the VIP Disco Party option. Free admission is included for one adult per each child booked.

Our Locations

Aside from our Dunstable soft play, we also have activity centres in Abingdon and Brentford. Each location has a range of soft play activities, some exclusive to each centre. Please see our location pages at Abingdon and Brentford for the current rates and peak and off-peak session times. Furthermore, all our facilities are open seven days a week except for Christmas and Boxing Day.

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Gift Vouchers

Are you looking for an excellent children’s gift idea? If so, look no further than our gift vouchers, which are redeemable at all our locations. In addition, you may choose to book your child’s next major adventure online today. Contact us now to learn more about what we have to offer at Snakes and Ladders.

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